media, media, media

ImageSo, this is my final blog for Advanced Media Issues, and I thought it would be a good idea to wrap it up, with a summary of the course. In particular, what I liked about the course, and some aspects of it that i really found interesting.

First of all, I have to admit when I first started the course, I did not know how much I was going to like it, to be completely honest, most of the core media subjects tend to be very repetitive within a 12 week time frame, and quite frankly you don’t learn a lot about media in general. What I liked about this course is that it was very diverse. I can honestly say, that over 12 weeks, I was able to look at a range of issues, and it was in this way that I realised that media well and truly is absolutely everywhere. Media is found in the stereotypical platforms, such as tv, radio, newspapers and so forth, but did you know that media is also found in fashion? it’s also found in exciting new video installation projects, artwork, and in order to create new sounds through utilising a person’s brain.

This course made me really think, what is media, what can be it’s true definition when it well and truly is present in absolutely everything? I mean how do you define a term that is so ambiguous and unique as media? After a lot of careful consideration I believe that media is pretty much, ‘anything entailing creativity.’ Seems really broad ay? It’s probably cause media is, but when you think about it the hidden theme in all aspects of media is creativity, and how to in a way bring about new life to an old process. Such as with fashion, and installing hangers to stream how many ‘likes’ a piece of clothing got.


So I would like to finish this blog by saying thank you to my tutor Pablo, and Andrew Murphie for putting together a course that really is exciting as it allowed me to experience current media issues, and develop a deeper understanding of the term media. Oh also thank you so much for introducing me to, I am addicted!


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