the human body, a generative muse for innovative art

I’ve always been interested in art. To me, a great artwork can evoke emotions, and this I believe is important in a world where people are too busy to appreciate anything. Abstract and innovative art however takes my interest in art to a whole new dimension. I’m always interested to see how artists transform things to create a truly unique experience. So you can imagine how excited I was for this week’s explorations.

Beauty of Tida DomeFor starters, I especially loved the work of Marik Miori in Tida Dome. I’ve always loved water, so aesthetically I honestly just fell in love with this work. When I read more about the work, I found that the dome changed colours with the tide, meaning it was literally personifying the human breath. The work is generating the link that nature in a sense helps people get in touch with their bodies.

Speaking of bodies, another interesting piece, that actually comes from Australia is intimate transactions. This video installation project, which took four years to complete creates a virtual world where two people are able to interact with each other, BUT these people are not in the same room. It’s an interesting piece that shows how the use of the human body allows a person to effectively communicate with other people, despite their location. If you want to know more about this work, click here.

Lastly, and definitely not least, Luciana Hail has taken advantage of electroencephalography (ECG) to take brain scans, and then uses these scans to make musical melodies of the human brain. Hail, who has a background in interactive art says that, ‘the left and right side of the brain can independantly control eight tracks.’ It is just amazing to think, that something like scans can be transformed to create an innovative artwork piece.

What all these artworks have shown, is that through the use of technology, artists have been able to take their work to a whole new level. In particular, they are able to utilise the human body as a generative muse for their art. This is because, it is noticeable that each artwork is based on the human body, and one can argue that this is what distinguishes ones artwork.


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