the future, it’s a rather scary topic, what does it do to the past?

Think about the internet. Now, sum it up in one word, and one word only. It’s hard ay?

That’s because when you think about it, the internet is not based on a particular topic, it has pictures, articles, hyperlinks, information and just about anything else your dear heart will desire on just about any topic. So for now, I guess a better term to describe what is the world wide web is aninternet of things.

Consider the explorations for this week, they are all about a wide range of topics, metaphorically and physically showing the dynamics of the internet. They all however make us think about the future of the internet or better yet about the future of media in itself.

My personal favourite was the google glass article, titled ‘could this photograph change the future?’. For those of you who do not know what this is, its ‘basically a particular pair of smart glasses that can give you a virtual overlay of the real world, sort of like you’re wearing your android device in  your eyeballs.’ This handy new gadget takes pictures like the one on the right. See how cool it is? It captures photographs from a point of view stance and not to mention takes unique photos. But, what does this mean for the future of photographers or film makers? Better yet what will happen to the older technologies will they become eradicated?

On a completely different topic, I found Jane McGonigal to be a interesting woman. She’s a gaming designer and effectively shows how gaming is not a complete waste of time, as in fact when we are engaged with a game, we are very productive. I have to agree with this woman, as when I play games, I know I am very productive, doing everything I can to get to the next level. So what does this say about gaming? Can Mcgonigal create a game that increases productivity? What does this mean for the future of gaming?

Now as  you can see, just through exploring two of the examples from this week you can see how the internet of things not only provides us access with a variety of information, however it also exposes us to many questions regarding the past, present and future of not only media, but also different industries.


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