platforms have now changed the media flow, but is this a bad thing?

I’d like to start the blog off this week with a powerful quote that really got me thinking…. 

‘We live in a world of flows, that is a world where information is everywhere…’ 

– Hubert Guillard 

At first, you may read this quote and think, big deal right? But if you’re a media student, you get all excited and start thinking, ‘YES! this is going to make my job so much easier.’ Well you see, just because information is everywhere, it does not necessarily mean that this information is correct. This you see, is one of the issues with the contemporary ‘Systems Age’ an age that involves sensing, collecting, and manipulating data in real time with little to no human supervision. What this new technological age has brought to society is a new platform that essentially alters, or better yet dismantles the previous technological systems. The best example that i can think of to illustrate this implication is wikipedia. It has become an online tool that students in pretty much every faculty turn to in order to get a brief run down on their subjects. And why shouldn’t they right? I mean it conveniently breaks down everything and even has user friendly sub headings so that you can get to the information that you need nice and quickly. But what should happen if all this information was wrong? I’ll tell you straight up, your assignment is pretty much screwed! Because chances are, if you continue using the online medium as a prime form of research, you are bound to get conflicting ideals on just about every subject.

This is not necessarily a bad thing, because as David Gauntlett puts it, ‘making is connecting’ and platforms quite simply flourish because they allow people to do what they want to, which in a sense is important as it allows people to create their own work and not just be consumers. This, Gauntlett believes has been the prime reason as to why society has flourished. Plus, next time you write that assignment, the conflicting ideals will allow you to see every angle in a story, and help you to make your own decision, making your work, well unique. 


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