so what am I doing for the visualisation project?

The aim for my visualisation project was to create a unique way to present the statistics of NBA players, in particularly, who would win the MVP award?

This idea came about when my partner, Alejo Rodrigues and myself were discussing basketball. It was at this point that I realised I had nowhere near as much knowledge as him in the subject, and just through looking through the statistics, I realised that I was so lost, and that it all looked like a massive case of mumbo jumbo to me. I mean c’mon check out the statistics for the NBA players here, how complicated does it look? There’s a whole bunch of different terms and everything, how are you meant to work out what is important?

Anyway, Alejo on the other hand looked like he was in his element, happily stating which type of statistic

was important, and which wasn’t. So then, we decided to carefully select a bunch of statistics, that were in Alejo’s opinion important to the game, and through this we were going to find out the top 10 players in the NBA and then rank them from 1 (most likely to win MVP) to 10 (least likely to win MVP). So in a way, our visualisation is all about carefully selecting statistics to help make a prediction.

So, these are the statistics that we have found:

Player    Ppg    FG%

Apg    Rpg    Spg    Bpg

Leborn James    27.1    0.531    6.9    7.2    1.8    0.8
Kevin Durant    28    0.496    2.8    6.6    1.3    1.2
Kobe Bryant    27.9    0.43    4.7    5.3    1.2    0.3
Chris Paul    18.8    0.478    9.8    3.5    2.4    0.1
Tony Parker    18.3    0.48    7.7    2.9    1    0.1

Kevin Love    26    0.448    2    13.3    0.8    0.5

Rajon Rondo    11.9    0.448    8.1    4.8    1.9    0.1
Russel Westbroke    23.6    0.457    5.5    4.6    1.7    0.3
Dwayne Wade    22.1    0.497    4.6    4.8    1.7    1.3
Dwight Howard    20.6    0.573    1.9    14.5    1.5    2.2

NBA Teams

Oh and don’t forget to stay tuned to see how we will put this together in our visualisation presentation(s), I’m actually really excited about it! 🙂

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