sharing is most definitely caring.

The readings for this week had me a little confused to be honest. I was going through each one and thought, wow why is everything relating to science? I’m pretty sure I am studying media…

Needless to say, it appeared that the more I looked into it, the more I realised, media has become so powerful that is is now impacting every single industry, literally. I know this sounds like a big claim, but it really is true.

Consider the scientific industry for example. Previously, it was an industry that was focused on ‘data hoarding’ as to publish a scienitifical article cost money, and scientists had to be right in as little words as possible for this reason. In addition, research papers were set to private, however now this is all changing. As John Willibanks simply puts it, ‘new business models are emerging to challenge the industry.’ This means that scientists are now starting to publicize their results, and they are doing this through taking full advantage over the many different media platforms available. In a way, I guess you can say they are now moving towards, open science.

Some scientists may look at this process and freak out, however as Elizabeth Pisani states, this change is not a bad thing, in fact it really is quite the opposite (a comforting thought considering most people tend to assume that most relationships with the media tend to have a negative impact). Pisani states that now what we will coin open science, scientists will be able to make ‘faster progress, leading to better quality data.’ With this improvement in data, Pisani continues to make a big claim, stating that the sharing of information can be very powerful, as it will in a sense, ‘fasten the pace of discovery and cures.’

Let’s hope with this faster pace, that a cure for cancer finally comes out.

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