A new look at information technologies

When I first heard/read about the visualisation project, I instantly started to think that it was a complex project, that required a great deal of technical expertise. However, boy was I wrong. You see what the project actually called for was something that presented something in a simple, creative and effective manner.

This week’s readings and explorations is what ultimately helped me reach this conclusion. One website in particular that helped me realise this was http://www.infosthetics.com, in particular the ‘how does 200 calories look like’ article. For those of you who are unaware, the article compares different foods, and does so through showing their calorie content. What was found was that a lot more healthier foods were required to make 200 calories, however what some people would call ‘junk food’ made 200 calories very quickly, and in tiny portions. So simple, yet so effective, I loved it! (Also helped me think about my food choices a little better to).

Other articles that I found particularly useful on the website included:

  • What Colours are people wearing today? I loved this one because like most females, I love fashion, and found it quite interesting to see that a lot of people liked more neutral based colours during the day
  • World Mapped According to Wikipedia articles Another one that was so simple, yet so interesting because you could visually see where all the articles came from
  • Weight of data Very interesting movie, because you see we all deal with data on a regular basis, however how many of us really understand the importance of this data, and I don’t think many of us have considered data in relation to weight!


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