so, how would you organise your time?

Organise, it’s a term that when first considered, shares connotations with successful and methodical. Organise, can be directly and indirectly related to numerous topics and for this reason it is no surprise that it has been the undercover meaning in al of the readings for this week.

For instance, in ‘Against Transparency’ by Lawrence Lessig, the issue at hand is, how to organise an organisation, in particular, should transparency into the official work lives of each of the members of congress be available to the public? Most of us, would instantly scream ‘yes!’ when thinking about transparency in politics, however as Lessig quite logically puts forward, ‘we are not thinking critically enough about where and when transparency works, and where or when it may lead to confusion, or worse’. You see, to me I read this as if to say, there is a reason why everything is organised in a certain way, and I guess there is a reason as to why politics do not have complete transparency.

In addition, with respect to the article, ‘Sleepless in canberra’ by Bob Ellis, he compares Kevin Rudd’s political life, to that of jet-lag. Interesting? Well I sure think so. At the heart of this article, Ellis discusses that politicians just like Rudd are now unable to do something that most people should be entitled to, sleep, and this, he argues is because of the media, and the way in which they organise time. He discusses in a paragraph, that is exhausting to read, let alone live, that from 6am, the life of a politician starts, and it doesn’t finish until 2:30 am the following morning. He then completes his article with powerful words, ‘The larger question though of sleepless politicians, and therefore burnt-out politicians and policy incompetence and the current ruinous way of doing things, needs a whole change of culture i fear.’ – stating that the way in which we organise the time of politicans needs to be changed, however this fear can leave some of us uneasy.

So, what do you think? Is there always an underlining issue as to why and how we wall organise our time?

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