new technologies, new truths, how do we know what is real?

Monkeys testing out new technologies for quadriplegics, aeroplanes flying themselves. No, this is not events from the latest block bluster film, it is simply reality for scientists and humans everywhere. You see what really got me thinking in this week’s readings was, wow these events really happen? How can this be true? I mean traditionally, it was humans who had to complete these activities, and now we are giving the responsibility of caring for a flight load of humans to an aeroplane alone, an aeroplane that requires no human contact? You see from the article by W.J. Hennigan in LA Times titled ‘New drone has no pilot anywhere, so who’s accountable?’ you can really see the probing issues with placing such a high emphasis of responsibility on technology alone. Questions are asked such as, should we hold the manufacturer responsible? What is even more interesting here is that assumptions are made that these flights are going to be put to commercial use, however in the article it doesn’t mention anywhere that a commercial airliner wants to take one of these onboard. Instead, they are used mainly for the army. This is another interesting point stemming from the article, if the army starts using what can only be described as ‘robots’ to fight their battles, although yes it will result in less casualties, the ‘battles’ will essentially be between robots and not humans. Does this mean that we are going to have to start glorifying robots in the same way that we do soldiers? Or does it mean that we have acknowledged that war and battle is wrong, and therefore instead of announcing world peace we are happy to clear our conscience of murdering people and pass it onto machinery?

All this pretty much challenges us to think, what is reality? Is it what each individual person believes? Or is it something that needs to be proven by fact? Is it dreams as some people believe they foreshadow the future? Reality really is a tricky term to define, so I employed the help of this video to help understand it more.

NB: An interesting thought to consider is, a lot of the aeroplane crashes in the past have been as a direct result of malfunctions, (that’s right due to the machine itself) so why would we want to employ this idea of a aeroplane that has no human interaction?

Few extra references: 

– Found this to show how monkeys relate more to humans, so does this mean that it is a reality that monkeys could be our ancestors?

– Consider this, aeroplane ‘spy planes’ sounds all too exciting to be real!




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